Why on earth would a photographer based in Brookings, South Dakota have an anchor in her logo?

It’s simple actually. For me, the anchor is a symbol of family, friends, heritage, and the ocean. The people and places that I’m anchored to, that I love that bring me home to my dad in CA and home to my husband in the Midwest after my many travels. The anchor represents and reminds me of the things most important to me, and I love to see it every day.

I was born and raised in a small town on the coast of Northern California. Fort Bragg is located on the famous hwy 1, it is a fishing and logging community that I called home until at 17 I graduated high school and left for college. The daughter of a life-long commercial fisherman, much of my time, was spent near the water, either at the harbor, on the beach or even inland at the swimming hole.

Some people go to therapy. I go to the ocean, in a pinch a lake will do, but the ocean is my calling. My favorite place on the planet is an island off the coast of Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard is home to my heart and my close friends the Mikos family (Joe, Kathryn, Lila, Clara & Ava). I have been vacationing and working on the east coast for over five years. My little boy Ayden loves to travel with me and spend time on the beach with the Mikos girls. Andy, my hubby, finally made the trek out to the Vineyard in 2013 and enjoyed his time clamming with Kathryn and drinking beer with Joe.

As my style and heart have evolved while I’ve made my home in South Dakota with my amazing family, I’ve also realized I cannot deny my heritage. So I’ve somehow managed to subconsciously decorate my home in hues of navy, gray, and white with nautical elements and images all around. It only made sense to bring the anchor into my brand as well.

With much research and many hours, I have worked with an amazing designer (Marcie Mizera of Cleanslate) to create a new brand that is an accurate representation of me and my style. Clean, Classic, full of tradition and heritage and hand-crafted.

Celebrating a decade serving the Midwest and beyond we present to you the new AC Ellis. Please enjoy!

Cory Ann

My dad’s boat, Shirley in Noyo Harbor, CA